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Hello Music

Mary has created a musical instruction program that will educate and entertain your way to knowing the initial concepts of music. As a first exposure to music, it is excellent.

Hello Music is a revolutionary method specifically designed to ease the tension of learning music. This method cares about the well being of music students and teachers, their growth, and their benefits. This no instrument workbook is an ideal way to begin learning the musical language.

Q. What kind of method is HELLO MUSIC?
A. HELLO MUSIC is an easy, fun, unique and extremely educational method of learning music one symbol at a time.

Q. Who is HELLO MUSIC for?
A. HELLO MUSIC is designed for anyone who is interested in learning the fundamentals of music. It is also ideal for those who would like to teach primary music.

Q. What makes HELLO MUSIC different from other music methods?
A. The unique quality of HELLO MUSIC is the way it explains the musical language.

Q. Is HELLO MUSIC for teachers or students?
A. HELLO MUSIC is versatile. It works as a teacherís manual or a studentís workbook.

Q. What can I expect to learn from this program?
A. HELLO MUSIC will give you all the essential elements of the musical language to read music, write music, create music and interpret rhythm.

Q. What is the original thing that created HELLO MUSIC?
A. HELLO MUSIC was created out of necessity because other methods are too difficult to understand.

Q. What makes HELLO MUSIC successful?
A. HELLO MUSIC measures success by participation. When the foundation of music is understood, the level of participation is increased.


    Hello Music is available worldwide everywhere books are sold. You can find it on Amazon and other stores for about 15.99 plus tax and shipping by clicking on the link below. Order through Amazon.Com

    Order through book publisher, Blysster Press for $12.99 plus tax and shipping.

    Or you can purchase Hello Music directly from me for $20.00 which includes tax and shipping and I will also personally sign your book. To buy an autographed copy from Mary, click the "Buy Now" button below. You'll be routed to PayPal. Note, you CAN pay through PayPal even if you don't have a PayPal account. Just click on the "Don't have a PayPal account?" link.

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